The SentHoseus network : an innovative collaboration between Sentō and Mike Hoseus

The SentHoseus network is Sentō’s latest innovation in collaboration with Mike Hoseus. Our mission: to help you integrate Toyota Way principles into the very DNA of your company as quickly as possible.


Conferences led by Toyota Way experts

At SentHoseus, our conferences and clinics are led by experienced managers who are passionate about Toyota’s management system.

Do like many of our customers who kick-started their Toyota Way transformation journey by participating in several SentHoseus activities: Toyota plant tours, Mike Hoseus conferences, Sentō Land Cruiser simulations, clinics led by Toyota’s logistics specialists and so much more.

The Sentō Protocol: for over 25 years, we have been committed to proving that the Toyota management system can be applied to any organization

Pierre Leblanc
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Toyota Way Culture

Mike Hoseus
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The Toyota Way explained through constructal law

Sylvie Lorente / Adrian Bejan / Pierre Leblanc
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Employee development using the Maslow Pyramid

Cathy Mills
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Lessons learned from deploying I4.0 technology

Christoph Roser
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Sentō: 25 years of experience at your service

For over twenty-five years, we have been adapting and simplifying the Toyota management system to make it accessible to all of our customers, including La Cage — Brasserie Sportive, Teknion, Dyne-a-Pak, Greenfield Global and many more!

Our diverse approaches (Integrator Quotient, Kaizen Bridge, Land Cruiser simulations, Sentō Protocol and Toyota introductory tours) have all contributed to the success of our organization and that of our customers.


Sentō’s approach and protocol deployment: long-term world-class results!

"Our company has been working with Sentō since 2006. This collaboration has allowed us to reach world-class performance levels. The Sentō IQ tool developed by Pierre Leblanc is one of the best diagnostics and organizational benchmark tools I’ve ever used. I truly believe that Sentō IQ has allowed our company to achieve world-class performance results at all levels within our organization."

Mario Grenier
General Manager Dyne-a-pak (2006-2020)

"Pierre and the entire Sentō team seamlessly helped us transition from La Cage aux Sports to La Cage — Brasserie Sportive."

Jean Bédard
President and CEO - Groupe Sportscene

"Who would have thought that an approach used in manufacturing would be successful in a service company? Pierre has accompanied us in his process of continuous improvement and the results are convincing! The approach, applied to the food service of a retirement home, demonstrated not only that this approach applies to a service, but its approach has improved the 8 performance indicators, both financial and qualitative, specific to our industry. Even better, several months after the deployment, the performance is always there."

Marc Ouimet
Vice President of Operations and Related Services - Groupe Maurice

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